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Cultured Foods
Cultured • Vegan • Gluten free • All natural
Veggie Pancakes
Burger mix - Meat Replacer
cultured foods


Cultured Foods is a natural foods company, offering 100% plant-based, all natural, delicious, innovative and convenient vegan food choices of the highest quality. We are dedicated to improving human health, protecting environment and respecting animal welfare.

Gluten Free
With Probiotics
100% natural

Hello! My name is Basia.  Together with my husband, Brian, and our wonderful team, we make up the Cultured Foods brand.
How did it start? It started with a dream to become a 100% plant-based and gluten-free food manufacturer. When the dream was taking shape, there were very few products fitting that description on the market and this was the type of food I wanted to eat.

Our products are 100% plant-based


Did you know that the production of 1,000 kcal of beef requires 36,200 kcal of feed? The energy efficiency of the production of animal source foods is very low, however this is not the only reason why we promote 100% plant-based foods.

cultured foods

Our Products

See our current products below. We update our portfolio regularily so please come back soon.

what is LACTOSPORE®? 


Our products contain LACTOSPORE®


The word is out - probiotics are crucial for a healthy digestive tract and a healthy life. Consumer interest in probiotics is surging. We tap into this trend with our portfolio of products containing LactoSpore®.


LactoSpore® is a spore-forming strain of Bacillus coagulans – an extremely stable and safe* probiotic which survives harsh manufacturing, high heat processing, long shelf life and the journey through the digestive system (stomach acid, bile salts). The viable spore then is able to germinate once it is safely inside the intestine.

our recipes